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“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,
faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
I Peter 4:10

Today was June’s Herb Seminar at Full Moon Natives & Herbs and it was All About Scented Geraniums - uses for culinary, tea, aroma, health and the language of herbs. Marvette Bagwell and I teamed up to share everything! 

First, I shared some quick info on Scented Geraniums, like they are not grown for their flowers, which are very tiny, but instead for their fragrant foliage which varies from frilly, fernlike, or velvety soft to crisp and round and although they can grow quite large, confining their roots in pots promotes flowers.  Both leaves and flowers are edible but most recipes using leaves either remove vein and chop them finely or infuse them and remove them after cooking.  They can also be used for a light flavored tea, an astringent for facials or baths and in the language of flowers:

·       Lemon—good tidings

·       Rose—preference

·       Mint—good health


TIP: Essential oil of rose geranium mimics the effect of estrogen & Victorian women would sprinkle a few drops on a hanky to dispel tension and soothe hot flashes!

For more information including some recipes visit this earlier post on Scented Geraniums!


Next, with the help of several volunteers, we used Scented Geraniums to create three items – a printed bag, a facial scrub and a standard topiary:




3 different scented geranium leaves
paper plates
paper towels
ink/acrylic paints    
canvas bag

1.     Select herbs with sturdy and interesting leaves (veins, texture, wispy structure) and flatten for a few hours if necessary

2.    Cover surface with newspaper

3.    Place dots of inks(paints) on paper plate as needed (I used a different shade of green for each leaf shape plus added a little pink to the center of one)

4.    Lay herb leaf face down on small stack of newspaper and dab underside with a thin layer of ink(paint).

5.    Gently lift leaf and place on item to be printed, cover with paper towel, hold and press with fingers

6.    Remove towel and lift leaf

7.    Repeat as desired



Grate ½ cup of a moisturizing soap into a bowl, then add 1/2 cup oatmeal and 1 cup dried and finely crushed rose scented geranium leaves. Mix thoroughly. Place 1/4c of facial scrub in a wash cloth. Tie up ends. To use: wet wash cloth and moisten your face. Gently scrub your face using a circular motion. Rinse face.  Scented geraniums are reputed to have anti-aging effects on the skin.








Step 1 - Select Plant
Step 2 - Repot
Step 3 - Remove Lower Leaves
Step 4 - Secure Stem to a Stake
Step 5 - Pinch the Growing Tip
Step 6 - Keep Pruning to Encourage Branching

Detailed instructions and a finished rosemary topiary can be seen at this earlier post on Herb Topiary.



Marvette then demonstrated several recipes using scented geraniums:

Tea Time Rose Geranium Biscuits
Dried Fruit & Scented Geranium Couscous
Snowflake Rose Scented Geranium Sorbet
Old Fashioned Rose Scented Geranium Pound Cake
     with Sweet Herbed Cheese
Herb Punch
Chocolate Geranium Mint Tea

Yummy!!  The recipes can be found on their website under Cooking with Herbs: Scented Geraniums.  I also shared these Rose Geranium jelly filled Thumbprints for tasting:

BASIC THUMBPRINTS: Mix 1c butter, 1/2c powdered sugar and 1tsp vanilla until fluffy then add 1/8 tsp salt and 2 ¼ c flour.  Refrigerate for 1 hour.  Roll dough into balls then place on greased cookie sheet and press centers with your thumb to make an indentation and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 mins.  Cool and then fill with jam or jelly.

ROSE GERANIUM JELLY: Bring 2c apple juice to a boil, pour over fresh geranium leaves and steep 30 mins.  Strain and return to pan, add 4c sugar and 1/4c cider vinegar.  Boil until sugar dissolves, stir in 3oz liquid pectin and boil 1 minute.  Cool slightly, skim off foam, and pour into jars and water-process for 10 mins. NOTE: one small fresh leaf may be added to jars as garnish before adding jelly


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