Saturday, August 10, 2013


"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God
I Corinthians 10:31




August is a great month for birthdays!!  Our neighbor celebrated 90+ years this week, so I invited her to a Birthday Tea to celebrate not only our birthdays this month (mine was last week), but the new “tea” room in my home too. 





Her gift was this pink floral teacup with a dainty floral arrangement that decorated our low tea table!

The dilemma however was that due to some changes in lifestyle, I needed to make savories without bread and sweets without a lot of sugar.  With some inspiration I came up with the following using items from a traditional menu which worked perfectly for the two of us:



CUCUMBER ROUNDS: Peel strips down the side of a cucumber then cut half into ½” slices, coring out part of the center and the other half chop into small pieces.  Salt both and set aside in a strainer to drain overnight in refrigerator.  Blend 4oz cream cheese, 1Tbs fresh dill, 1Tbs fresh chives and 1Tbs fresh parsley, then add the chopped cucumber. Pat cucumber slices dry and then stuff with the cream cheese mixture and garnish with fresh dill.

OLIVE DEVILED EGGS: Hard boil 3 eggs, shell and cool.  Cut 2 eggs in half and remove yolk, then combine yolk with the other egg chopped, 2Tbs mayonnaise, 1tsp Dijon mustard, 6 chopped stuffed green olives, salt & pepper.  Fill 4 egg white halves with mixture and sprinkle with paprika.

AVOCADO & CHICKEN STUFFED TOMATOES: Cut 2 Roma tomatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out inside, then drain on paper towels.  Combine 1c cooked chicken, 1/2 chopped avocado, 2Tbs Greek yogurt, 1/4tsp chili powder and salt.  Stuff tomato halves with the chicken mixture.



BLUEBERRY MULTIGRAIN SCONES: Combine 1 c unbleached flour, 1c whole wheat flour, 1/3 c sugar, 1/4c oatmeal, 1tsp baking powder, 1/4tsp baking soda and 1/4tsp salt in a mixing bowl.  Cut in 8Tbs butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Add 1/2c fresh blueberries.  Combine an egg and 1/2c yogurt until well blended, and then add to dry ingredients until they are moistened.  Knead on floured surface until dough holds together.  Divide dough in half and pat out each into a 1/2 inch thick circle and cut into 6 wedges.  Place on greased baking sheet, brush with yogurt and sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 mins or until golden brown.



MINTED MELON SKEWERS: Combine 1/2 c water, 2Tbs sugar and 1Tbs fresh spearmint and bring to a boil.  Cool.  Toss the mixture with 4-1” cubes each of watermelon, honeydew & cantaloupe.  Chill at least 30 minutes.  Place melon on a skewer to serve and garnish with fresh mint.

COCONUT BANANA BALLS: Cut a banana into bite-sized pieces, then dip balls in plain yogurt and roll in shredded coconut.  Refrigerate for several hours before serving.

STUFFED STRAWBERRIES: Cut the top off of strawberries, turn over and cut an X three quarters of the way up the strawberry.  Using a pastry bag, pipe cream cheese icing into the center and refrigerate until serving time.

You really can have a healthier tea time, especially when you remember that it is the people not the food that are the most important!


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