Tuesday, November 12, 2013


If you are fond of Asian cuisine such as stir-fries, sushi or tempura you will want to grow some of these herbs in your garden.  They are commonly used along with bok choy, Chinese cabbage, radishes, scallions, snow peas, carrots and various greens
THAI BASIL – Thai or anise basil with purple stems, small leaves which often have a reddish-purple tinge when young with an anise-like flavor and purple flowers.  In general, you can recognize it by its spicy, anise aroma.      
LEMON BASIL – Small pointed leaves and a lemony flavor
CAYENNE CHILI PEPPERS – The leaf is used as it is not nearly as hot as the chile that comes from the plant.

ASIAN FLAT-LEAF CHIVES – Also called Chinese or garlic chives with solid flat blades resembling grass and a light garlic taste.  They also produce edible white flat flower heads in fall which are a Chinese delicacy, usually stir fried with peanut oil, oyster sauce, cornstarch, and sugar.
CILANTRO – Also called Chinese parsley, the leaves, roots and ground seeds of these “fragrant greens” have a pungent flavor. The whole plant, roots and all, is often boiled and eaten as a vegetable.
VIETNAMESE CORIANDER – Also known as rau ram with its strong minty, peppery flavor.  This trailing plant has long, slender leaves with a slight dark coloration in the center
LEMONGRASS – The grayish green stalks and the base are used fresh to impart a lemony flavor to dishes and then removed after cooking.
MITSUBA – Japanese parsley with a watercress-like flavor

PERILLA (Shiso) – Red or green leaf varieties with a complex flavor combination of basil, mint, cinnamon and citrus.  It is most often used in sushi and tempura, but can be used in mixed salads or as a garnish for soups or stir fries. It is especially good in dipping sauces for cold noodles.
SESAME – The leaves of the plant are used as wrappers as well as the seeds
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Psalm 24:1

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I've got garlic chives. Didn't know you could eat the flowers. Thx.