Thursday, March 6, 2014


Pesto is a favorite, but fresh basil is not always available from my garden, so this blend of dried herbs is a great way to have the same ethnic flavor all the time!  You can even make an acceptable substitute for pesto to use in recipes: combine 3Tbs ITALIAN PESTO GOURMET BLEND with 1/4c extra virgin olive oil, 1/4c chopped pine nuts, and 1/4c grated parmesan cheese and refrigerate 1 hour before use.



3Tbs basil
2Tbs oregano

1Tbs rosemary

1Tbs garlic granules

Italian Pesto Biscuit Cups:  Cook, cool and crumble 8 bacon slices, then mix with 1 chopped tomato, ½ chopped onion, 3oz shredded swiss cheese, 1/2c mayonnaise and 1tsp ITALIAN PESTO GOURMET BLEND.  Separate 1-16oz can biscuit dough, cut into quarters and place in greased mini-muffin pans.  Fill with bacon mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 mins or until golden


Italian Pesto Pinwheels: Combine 8oz cream cheese and 1Tbs ITALIAN PESTO GOURMET BLEND.  Spread on tortillas, add thin slice of provolone and thin sliced salami, roll up, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.  To serve: slice into 6-1” pieces from center of roll up and discard ends.  Garnish if desired.

Italian Pesto Snack Mix: Combine 3Tbs olive oil, 1/4c grated Parmsean cheese and 1Tbs ITALIAN PESTO GOURMET BLEND.  Mix 1-7oz box baked snack crackers, 4c small pretzels and 4c dry roasted peanuts in a large bowl then pour seasoned oil over to coat well.  Store in airtight container up to 5 days.






Italian Pesto Bread:  Dissolve 1 Tbs yeast in 1 cup warm water and 1 tsp sugar.  Add 1 Tbs oil, ½ cup prepared Pesto Sauce, and  1 tsp salt, then blend in 2 cup white flour and 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour.  Knead 10 minutes, place in oiled bowl and allow to double.  Form a French-style loaf and allow to rise again in a warm place.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  Great for bruschetta.


Italian Pesto Pepperoni Biscotti: Combine 1/3c butter, 1/4c Parmesan cheese, 4 minced garlic cloves, 1Tbs sugar, 1tsp baking powder, and 1tsp ITALIAN PESTO GOURMET BLEND, beat and then add an egg and 1Tbs milk. Add 1 1/2c flour gradually, then knead in 1/2c chopped pepperoni and 2Tbs chopped onion.  Knead dough.  Shape into two 9x1 ½ inch rolls and coat with Parmesan cheese.  Place on greased cookie sheet and flatten slightly.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 mins.  Cool 1 hour.  Cut crosswise into ¼” slices.  Place slices on ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees for 10 mins, turn and bake for 10-12 mins. more until dry and crisp.  Cool.



"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,

do it all for the glory of God"
I Corinthians 10:31

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