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Seed sprouts are filled with nutrition and considered one of the world’s “Super Foods.” They taste good, are easy to grow, can be done all year in any location and are economical since they produce 5 times the amount!  Increases in protein quality, fiber content, essential fatty acids, and vitamin content are just a few of the amazing nutritional changes that occur upon germination.


Anyone can do it and all you need are a few items to get started: quart canning jar with ring lid, piece of nylon screen, seeds and water.  Given proper moisture a seed will germinate.


Basic Directions: Add seed to quart canning jar, cut nylon screen to fit mouth of jar and screw on lid, add 1c water and soak for 8 hours.  Drain well, rinse with cool water 2-3 times a day and lay on side in indirect sunlight to sprout.  Regular rinsing will add moisture while draining controls the amount of moisture.  Rinse before eating and refrigerate within 8 hours of the final rinse.

Here are a few seeds that produce great sprouts:


  • the most famous sprout in the United States
  • mildly nutty flavor and a crispy texture
  • contains more chlorophyll than spinach, cabbage, or kale! 
  • Use 2Tbs seed – ready to use in 5-6 days


  • flavor and texture to practically anything
  • excellent source of Vitamin A, selenium and betacarotene plus contains a powerful antioxidant found in cruciferous plants
  • add to salads, soups, pizza, wraps or you can enjoy them all by themselves with a bit of dressing
  • Use 2-4Tbs – ready to use in 3-6 days


  • most common sprouts commercially available
  • sweet, nutty and mild like Alfalfa, but with a lighter green leaf
  • stores longer in the fridge
  • Use 2Tbs seed – ready to use in 3-5 days


  • a pleasant, subtle and sweet taste
  • detoxify the body, and help control blood sugar levels
  • popular on sandwiches, in sushi or sautéed with garlic cloves and butter and served with basmati rice
  • Use just enough to create a single layer of seeds – ready to eat in 4-6 days


  • fairly mild in taste, but they do have a great crispy texture
  • Add them to a spring greens salad or a stir-fry
  • Use just enough to create a single layer of seeds – ready to eat in 4-6 days


  • spicier than most sprouts
  • popular in Indian curry dishes, but can also be used to spice up a sandwich or salad
  • Use 2-4Tbs – ready to use in 3-5 days


  • quite spicy
  • contains a considerable amount of protein and Vitamin C and are also an excellent source of calcium.
  • liven up a salad, sandwich, or main dish
  • Use 2-4Tbs – ready to use in 3-5 days



 For as the soil makes the sprout come up
and a garden
causes seeds to grow,
so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness
and praise
 spring up before all nations

Isaiah 61:11

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