Saturday, May 10, 2014


Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,
faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms
I Peter 4:10

On the first day of May, I had the opportunity to join a friend in hosting a tea time in her home as well as to share about fairies and fairy gardens.  We had also planned to combine efforts at this year’s Butterfly and Herb Festival on May 3rd at Full Moon Natives & Herbs, but inclement weather changed those plans.  My friend writes awesome whimsical stories that spark the imagination and pair perfectly with my whimsical fairy gardens.  Here is one of her stories along with pictures from our tea time together:


In the Forest, called The Stickety Wicket Wood, two sweet little fairies named Holy-Hocks and Hydrangel, were having a frolicking good time as they leapt from blade to stone. They danced and giggled their way all along the forest path, which led to the entrance of Marion's Meadow. They couldn't actually fly this early in the dawn of morning because their wings were heavy and wet from the dangling dew drops, which dripped off the tree branches as they passed under them. They had a feeling that today was going to be more special than any other. They knew something was different. Their tiny Heart Lights were burning brighter than they had on any other day.

The Stickety Wicket Wood was a beautiful place, full of wonders everywhere. The Wee-forest folk lived there in the comfort of its seclusion. Deep inside this wonderful woods, was a moisty spot, called The Swanky Swamp. In the middle of the swamp was a limy green pond. This is where all the slimy creatures lived. There were friendly green frogs and pudgy, warty toads. There were wiggle and squiggle worms and slippery salamanders, and there was even a family of sloppy slugs. Dragonflies filled the air above the waters of the pond, and they would dip and drink and catch a bug or two in mid-air. Flutterbies swooped along the shore as they gathered the pollens from all the wild flowers which grew abundantly there.

Now Holy-Hocks and Hydrangel loved all the critters of the swamp and the woods, but they were especially fond of the fluffy bunnies, the little grey mice, and the sing-song birdies. They figured if the critter had fur or feathers, that meant they were warm and friendly and soft to cuddle up to, which they did quite often in the chillier nights of winter-time. Even though the slimies were colder and did not feel as good to the touch, they were still friendly, and playful, and everyone got along extremely well.

Each morning, Holy-Hocks and Hydrangel would gather fresh wild red and purple berries and carry them across Marion's Meadow to Darcy's Garden. They loved to visit Darcy and spent most of their days in her Tea Garden. Darcy truly adored these two precious fairies, and they loved her as well. She would make them their favorite Fairy-Thyme tea and cookies, and fresh wild berry scones.  It was always warm and sunny in Darcy's Garden. She grew the finest herbs, and edible flowers, which she used to flavor her teas, scones, and sweet and savories. She grew lots of other beautiful plants and flowers as well.

On this day of all days, Darcy put special seed in the bird feeders.  She put out fresh lettuce and carrots for the fluffy bunnies, and of course, special cheeses for the little grey mice.  Her happy puppy, Annie and her purry kitty, Clover enjoyed playing with all the forest critters when they came. Flutterbies and Dragonflies were always in attendance as well. Oh yes, and even the honey bees have a special hive nearby.

Now mind you, Darcy was only 12 years old, but she had quite a flair for setting a proper table and giving her friends the very best Tea Time in all the earth. She was a fine Hostess indeed.  She had learned the Tea Traditions and Etiquette from her mother, Ruthie and her Aunt Ginny, who had been teaching her from the time she was six years old.

In Darcy's garden were beautiful benches and little water ponds. There were picket fences, rose trellises and wisteria arbors as well. For Tea Times and Parties Darcy would cover all her garden tables with the most delicate laces and linens.  She brought out her finest tea cups, saucers and dessert plates.


The creamer and sugar set was covered with tiny hand painted roses; and she would fill the little bowl with multi-colored crystal sugar, which was a favorite of the fairies. She even had a special sugar spoon made of sterling silver. This set was her mum's favorite, but she let Darcy borrow it for her Garden Tea Parties. Mum would fill the creamer with rich fresh milk, which she drew herself from Bess, her dainty cow. Darcy loved it when her Mum and Aunt Ginny could attend and pour the teas. clip_image010

Darcy's favorite Tea Pot was a special Birthday gift her Aunt Ginny had given her when she was only 5 years old. It was shaped like a Merry-go-Round and had hand painted little carousel ponies on it.  Darcy loved Merry-go-Rounds and carousel ponies.



Now on this particular day, the very first of May, Darcy has planned a superb Royal Tea Party in the Garden. It is to start in late afternoon, at 4:00 p.m.  Special invitations have already been sent. There is going to be a surprise guest.  Many folks from the village will be coming.  

clip_image014But for now it is Light Tea Time, also known as Elevensies.   Bird Song is filling the air, the critters are happily playing, and the little gray mice are dancing a jig. Holy-Hocks and Hydrangel are sipping their tea, and eating their berry scones with Devonshire cream. Darcy is reading them a Tea Time Story, which she herself had written.  

All is well in Darcy's Garden today.  The Glorious Royal Surprise Guest is on His way.  Oh Yes, for Holy-Hocks and Hydrangel this surprise Guest is going to make today a very, very, special day indeed

                                                                              Jan Dayton

Hope you enjoyed sharing this tea time with us – we plan to do it again soon!


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