Saturday, October 18, 2014


“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,
faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
I Peter 4:10

Today was the September Herb Seminar at Full Moon Natives & Herbs - All About Bay - uses for culinary, tea, aroma, health and the language of herbs. Marvette Bagwell and I teamed up to share everything.  It got off to an interesting start between technical difficulties and forgotten notes, but we both survived!

Several things you can do
with a bay laurel leaf!

  • place under the breast skin of a chicken before roasting
  • use as a fragrant bookmark
  • add while cooking strong smelling veggies like cauliflower to remove the odor
  • tuck into your pillow for insomnia or to dream about your future
  • place into a container of rice to add a unique flavor to rice pudding
  • add to an herbal wreath or potpourri
  • brew a cup of tea to soothe the stomach
  • place around the drain under a sink to deter roaches
  • toss into boiling milk for custards or a fruit syrup for a dessert sauce
  • add to a bath for a soothing soak
  • add to a storage container of flour, grain, beans or pasta to repel weevils
  • tuck into a congratulation card for “merit & honor”
  • make a bouquet garni with thyme and parsley
  • use for a refreshing facial steam bath
  • add to pasta water with salt to break down the starch
  • stuff in muslin bag for sachet for kitchen cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • add between veggies and meat on shish kabobs

Additional information can be found on this earlier post on BAY LEAVES.



Marvette demonstrated several good eats using bay and everyone had the opportunity to taste recipes like Potato Corn Chowder, Bay Roasted Chicken and Rice w/ Mediterranean Bay Butter, Cauliflower Capri, Bay Hot Cross Buns, Spicy Cranberry Sauce, Bay Caramels and Hot Chocolate.  It is amazing how bay leaves add so much, yet you really can’t distinguish the bay – guess that’s because bringing together other flavors, giving them depth, and adding richness is what bay leaves do best!  Recipes are available at

Plus I shared one of my favorites for tasting too:

ORANGE-BAY COOKIES: Melt 1c butter with 2 bay leaves, simmer 5 min. and then steep covered overnight.  Remove leaves and chill 30 mins. before combining with 1c sugar, the zest of an orange and an egg.  Add 2½c flour and 1tsp baking soda, then 1tsp vanilla. Roll into two logs, wrap & refrigerate overnight.  Slice, sprinkle with sugar and bake at 350 degrees for 10 mins.



Finally, my Demo included several other uses for bay including a bay wreath, bay milk bath, spicy simmer blend and relaxing footbath:



Bay leaves
Chili Peppers
9” Wire
            Form loop at one end of 9” of wire.  Add 1” of bay leaves then two chili peppers alternately until completely filled.  Bend into wreath shape and attach wire end to loop.  Add raffia to top of wreath and tie bow around chili peppers.



6 crushed bay leaves
1/4c Epsom Salt
2Tbs powdered milk

          Combine in a sealable tea bag & add to warm bath.



1Tbs whole star anise
1Tbs whole cloves
1Tbs whole allspice
1Tbs cinnamon sticks
6 bay leaves
cranberries, apple or orange slices

          Combine bay & spices to “marry the scents” in a muslin bag and then add with fruit to a pot filled with water, then simmer on low.


2Tbs green tea
1Tbs lavender flowers
1Tbs rosemary
1Tbs sage
1Tbs thyme
bay leaves

            Combine herbs & tea then add 2Tbs mixture to a muslin bag with 1 bay leaf.  Bring 1 quart of water to a boil, add muslin bag, then remove from heat.  Steep 30 minutes then remove herbs and pour into a large bowl.  Immerse feet for at least 15 minutes.  Add smooth stones and/or additional hot water if necessary.


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