Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Use your imagination to add fun and interest to your garden with attractive plant markers.  They can be utilitarian or double as garden art, but they must be sturdy and visible.  If you need a temporary solution for starting seeds or just one season, then repurpose everyday wood or metal items.  If you need something more permanent for outdoors consider recycling plastic containers, tiles, clay or brick.

Here are a baker’s dozen of favorite options:

1. Rocks – collect interesting rocks in all shapes, sizes and textures, then hand paint

2. Cutlery – search yard sales for old wooden or metal spoons which can be used in a variety of ways from simply writing the names inside the spoon or painting designs, then you can insert the handle end anywhere!  Metal forks can hold seed packets or can lids.  Plastic knives can be recycled as inexpensive labels for divisions

3. Can Lids – open a can and save the lid or save lids from frozen juice cans.  Can be punched and hung on a clothes hanger hook or between the tines of a fork.

4. Corks – Write the name in permanent marker then skewer on metal stake or fork

5. Clay Pots – used whole or only broken shards, they can be used creatively to label in the garden.  They can be decoupaged with seed packets or simply labeled and stuck into the ground.  Tiny pots can be turned upside down on a stick

6. Mini-Blinds – make hundreds of markers just by cutting a point on one end and adding information on both sides

7. Clothespins – a quick and easy option to clip on the edge of a pot or a stick

8. Bricks – Bold lettering, sturdy and easy to see

9. Plastic Fruit and Veggies – Outgrown play food can be cut with a slit and skewered to add a bit of whimsy to your garden

10. Scrabble Tiles – So simple and quick, attach to paint stirrers with waterproof glue

11. Wood Slices – If you need to cut an old tree, cut slices to use as large labels for lots of information

12. Ceramic Tile - Use up left over tiles by painting or marking with plant names to mark rows in the garden

13. Shells – Perfect way to use shells collected on vacation because they can be used natural and added to the garden

For additional ideas plus great tips on the best materials to use for writing on labels, check out 20 Creative DIY Plant Labels and Markers.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men
Colossians 3:23

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