Tuesday, February 28, 2012





The trimming of plants into a typical lollipop shape

with a clipped ball perched atop a single stem
is known as a standard topiary


Step 1       Select Plant

               Choose an upright growing plant such as scented geraniums, lavender or rosemary with a straight stem


Step 2       Repot

               Choose a pot size appropriate to the size of your plant


Step 3       Remove Lower Leaves

               Pinch off the lower branches and leaves to the desired height of the finished topiary.


Step 4       Secure Stem to a Stake

                  Line up the stake next to the stem and push it down into the soil to the bottom of the pot.  Tie the stem to the stake every few inches with raffia, always tying against the stake not the stem.  The most critical part of creating a standard is forming a strong, straight stem.


Step 5      Pinch the Growing Tip

                  Pinch out the top growing tip at slightly less than the desired height of the finished topiary, keeping the balance of the overall proportions in mind.


Step 6       Keep Pruning to Encourage Branching

                  As side branches begin to grow, keep pinching to encourage additional branching and formation of the desired shape.  The more frequently the topiary is trimmed, the more attractive its shape will be.  Remember water, fertilizer, plenty of light and good air circulation are essential for maintaining healthy standards.




“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
the world and all who live in it”
Psalm 24:1


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